Wenlido W.E.S.T

Women Educating In Self-Defense Training

About us

W.E.S.T. is a non-political organization focused on instructing women in practical safety and self-defense techniques. The intent of Wenlido is to provide information on practical personal safety strategies and techniques for women and their children based on the types of attacks that women and children will most probably encounter and to make this available to all women and children regardless of race, age, or personal belief

Wenlido will help you


your many strength and abilities as you learn and apply


of who the attacker really is, why they attack and what really happens in attacks.


Learn and apply what you can do to help avoid being attacked.

There are ways to make you and your environment safer.


Act and speak positively to state what you want.


What you CAN do to release hold and fend off physical attacks.